Full restricted area museum tours for £7 Per Person. Now open until 8pm Thursday and Friday.

There is no booking required for your museum tour, just turn up. Museum tours start every 30 minutes and are run by one of our experienced tour guides who will take you around the building.

We have 3 floors and we explain to you about each room and the objects that are held within these rooms. Some of these rooms include the chapel, morgue, marthas room, devils toy box and many more.

The tour will last between 30 and 40 minutes and after this you will then be left to your own devices to explore the main auditorium where there are many more haunted objects and oddities on display.

You can then either again at your own leisure go into the cinema area and watch the program that is usually being shown in the day "Usually this is a paranormal show" or head into the cafe area for snacks and drinks or even hot food that is available. There is no time limit for how long you would like to stay within The Haunted Museum. Please note that NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed on the tours but in the main auditorium photographs are allowed.

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